Please Help!

We are donating all of last week's app sales to a good cause (, please consider making a donation yourself!

Apple iPad

We’re proud to announce that all of our apps are now available for the Apple iPad!


Hensley Industries, LLC now has another app on the Apple app store! iTesla is an Teslameter that can measure the strength of a magnetic field by using the built-in compass in the iPhone 3GS. iTesla will show the history of its readings in an easy to ready chart along with the raw X, Y and Z magnetometer values. Find out more and see a screen shot here!

Missing Apps

We are currently in the process of migrating our Apple developer account, so over the next week or so some of our apps may disappear from the App Store for a bit. Don’t worry though, once the migration is finished everything will be back to normal.

iGameShow 4.0

It’s official, iGameShow 4.0 is now for sale on the Apple App Store! For those of you who are wondering what iGameShow is, formerly known as JeoScore, iGameShow allows you to play along and keep score with the most popular “Game Show” in the World. If you need help figuring out what “Game Show” this app should be used with, please contact us and let us know. For legal reasons we’re not allowed to mention the all.

iGameShow Update

Just thought I’d give everyone a quick update on the newest iPhone application from Hensley Industries, LLC, iGameShow. As of tonight it has been submitted to Apple for review. Once it’s through the review process, hopefully a week or less, I’ll update the site and post a link to the App Store for it.

New Website!

Today we have finally released our new website layout to the public. We hope that this new layout will make it easier for you to find the information you’re looking for while also being able to see our entire product and service offering.